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Our polish will give a high gloss finish and produces exceptional shine, It will removes light scratches, swirls, water spots and other imperfections and will give a clear coat, Our polish works on all colors and is blended with premium synthetic technology and will add durable protection against elements.

Advantages of Polishing

Your vehicles paint isn’t smooth. It has texture to it, and if it has been washed with harsh detergents and dried improperly, it may even have minor surface scratches. The advantage to using polishes after washing is that because they are slightly abrasive polishes, they will remove oxidised paint, remove minor scratches, and smooth imperfections in the paint. Where wax lays down a layer of protection, polish removes material to reveal clean smooth paint. The smoother the paint, the shinier the surface.

Please find below the pricing for our car polishing service.  Prices are listed as per vehicle size.

Small Vehicle

Small Vehicle


Medium Vehicle

Medium Vehicle


Large Vehicle

Large Vehicle


Add an Autoglym Liquid Wax to any Valet from only £15 (Normally £40)


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